Chez Sven 
- a classic Bed & Breakfast in rural France


Room types

Room example

There are five double rooms with en suite bathrooms. Prices vary depending on time of year.

Parking space is available for bikes and motor bikes. Cars can be parked close by the house at parking lots and in the streets.

Low season (breakfast not included*)

January to May, October to January: 

Monthly rate from the 1st to the 31st: 400 € 

Weekly rate, Sun-Sat:  175 €                                                                          

Daily rate: 70 €                                 

High season (breakfast included):

June to September 

Monthly rate from the 1st-31st: 1200 €                                    

Weekly rate Sun-Sat: 400 €                                                                            

Daily rate: 85 €

*During low season,  kitchen facilities are available for self-catering.


Room example

Interested in an even more budget-friendly option? 

Our simpler alternative are three rooms with shared bathroom. This alternative is perfect for groups or larger families.

We leave a 25% discount on the listed prices above for these rooms.